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    Join a team or a pickup game for basketball, flag football, softball, volleyball, dragonboat, tennis, and more!

  • About

    Athletics is one of TAP-NY's five core pillars and has been a mainstay of our organization for over five years. This site offers a small window into the fun, bonds, and pride, that TAP sports have cultivated over the years. Check it out and get more info on joining us below!

  • TAP-NY Basketball

    Our basketball team plays in the Fastbreak League and is a consistent playoff contender.

    Bring it on Jeremy Lin!

    One of TAP-NY's basketball teams after its first win

    "The most memorable team accomplishment was our first ever franchise win!"

    - John Hsu

    Celebrating together at TAP-NY's Lunar New Year Banquet

    "Our favorite team activities include eating hotpot, eating the food at TAP's Chinese New Year banquet...things that usually involve food."

    - John Hsu

    All star team (and we're not talking about the jerseys on the wall)

    "We are looking forward to the upcoming season...hopefully we will play well and make the finals."

    - John Hsu

  • TAP-NY Football

    Competing across multiple leagues, TAP-NY's flag football team has won

    multiple championships, gained notoriety within the city's flag football circles,

    and developed strong bonds.

    Goofing off before a pickup game next to the East River

    "We now have enough players for a few teams, hold organized practices with flags and cones, and consistently make the playoffs."

    - Randy Yeh

    Celebrating the team's first ever championship

    "My teammates and I will never forget the exhilaration and happiness of winning that championship game. "

    - Randy Yeh

    Bonding over hotpot after a game

    "I can honestly say that I have met some of my best and lifelong friends through TAP football."

    - Randy Yeh

  • TAP-NY Softball

    The original TAP-NY sports team, our championship-winning team is filled

    with Wei-Yin Chens and Chien-Ming Wangs.

    Add a couple of sluggers and it's take me out to the ball game!

    In Central Park after winning the championship

    "This year we will continue to improve on playing together as a team."

    - Jenn Lin

    Celebrating the championship - check out that trophy!

    "Our team's favorite bonding activity off field is EATING!"

    - Jenn Lin

    Batter up!

    "All the players on the team improved tremendously over the years."

    - Jenn Lin

  • TAP-NY Volleyball

    The first TAP-NY team to win a championship, the TAP volleyball community has blossomed from one team to five plus. On and off the court, our teams are always willing to help the ball, or each other, out.

    Team "TAP It Up" after winning their (and TAP-NY's) first ever championship.

    "I’m excited for every volleyball team, and I know everyone will have a great season when the focus is on community and having fun."

    - Jesse Hwang

    Players at one of our open gyms - we rent out a gym and anyone can come play!

    "It’s rewarding to see how many amazing and active members have heard of TAP through playing volleyball."

    - Jesse Hwang

    Check out those TAP-NY shirts!

    "As a team, we had to learn to be patient and help support the development on each individual."

    - Jesse Hwang

  • Interested in getting involved?

    There are two ways to join in on the fun of TAP Sports:

    1. Join one of our organized teams that competes in leagues across NYC. Email harrison[dot]wang[at]tap-ny[dot]org for more info. Subject to availability and season start/end dates. We have the following teams, and are open to adding additional sports if we find a suitable captain:

    • Flag football
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Softball
    • Dragonboat

    Read firsthand accounts of our members' experiences with our sports teams in our April 2016 blog post here!


    2. Subscribe to one of our email distribution lists for pickup games and one-off info about events.

  • More Sports & Events

    Summer Olympics

    A field day full of hustle, hilarity, and more, it's one of our favorite events of the year

    Ski and Snowboard Extravaganza

    Hitting the slopes at Killington - our ski trips of 70+ people hit up major Vermont resorts every year

    Dragon Boat

    Check out this video featuring our Dragon Boat team!

    Dance Roulette

    After an exhilarating zumba class - part one of our series of dance workshops 

    Tennis Tournament

    After a match at the National Tennis Center in Flushing

  • TAP-NY is a lot more than just athletics

    We are a 100% volunteer-run organization that exists to foster the

    Taiwanese American community within the NYC area.


    TAP events and programming provide opportunities for social enrichment, community involvement, and personal and professional growth.


    Check out our website for information on all of our events,

    or drop us a note below!

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